Special Order Charms

If you want something that isn’t available here, please call or email as we can provide other options as well, always at a huge discount from regular store prices.

Note: Orders under $100.00 will have a $10.00 postage fee.

Phone: (913) 383-3376

Email: [email protected]

We have a fantastic collection of sterling silver and 14k gold charms that are a great addition to any necklace chain or charm bracelet. If you have a chain that’s the perfect length and style, but lacks a few sterling silver charms (that can easily be switched out for different looks), we’re here to help. With our huge selection of silver and 14k gold charms, you’re sure to find the piece you need to complete your bracelet.

If you’re not into classic gold or sterling silver charms, we also have Murano glass beads as well. With so many different style designs, the accessorizing possibilities are endless at Lilliane’s Jewelry!